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Okta IAM Course Training

Tek Ikons Okta IAM training is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in implementing and managing identity and access management solutions using Okta. The course covers various aspects of Okta’s identity platform, including user authentication, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), access management, and identity lifecycle management.

The Okta IAM training program offered by Tek Ikons begins with an introduction to identity and access management concepts, highlighting the importance of securing digital identities and managing access to resources. Participants will learn about the challenges associated with traditional IAM solutions and how Okta addresses these challenges with its cloud-based identity platform.

As the course progresses, participants will delve into the features and capabilities of Okta’s IAM solution. They will learn how to configure user authentication methods, set up SSO for seamless access to multiple applications, implement MFA for enhanced security, and manage user access permissions based on roles and policies.


The training also covers advanced topics such as integrating Okta with third-party applications, automating user provisioning and deprovisioning, and monitoring and reporting on access activities. Participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through hands-on labs and real-world use cases.

Objectives Of

Okta IAM Training

  • Understand the fundamentals of identity and access management (IAM) and its importance in cybersecurity.
  • Learn about the features and components of Okta’s identity platform.
  • Gain proficiency in configuring and managing user authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Okta.
  • Learn how to implement access policies, roles, and permissions to enforce security and compliance requirements.
  • Acquire skills in integrating Okta with various applications and directories, such as Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Develop the ability to automate user provisioning and deprovisioning workflows using Okta’s APIs and tools.
  • Learn how to monitor access activities, generate reports, and troubleshoot issues within the Okta platform.
Who can learn

Okta IAM Course

  • IT professionals responsible for implementing and managing identity and access management solutions within their organizations.
  • Security analysts, administrators, and architects interested in enhancing their skills in IAM and leveraging Okta’s identity platform.
  • System administrators and DevOps engineers involved in deploying and integrating cloud-based applications and services.
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity or cloud security and seeking expertise in IAM technologies like Okta.
Course Curriculum Of

Okta IAM

  • Overview of identity and access management concepts
  • Importance of IAM in modern IT environments
  • Introduction to Okta as an IAM solution
  • Understanding the Okta platform
  • Core components of Okta (Identity Cloud, Universal Directory, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, etc.)
  • User lifecycle management with Okta
  • Integrating Okta with various applications and services
  • Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta
  • Federated authentication and SAML integration
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning users with Okta
  • Creating and managing user accounts in Okta
  • Configuring user groups and roles
  • Implementing policies for user access control
  • Okta security features and best practices
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) setup and configuration
  • Okta Adaptive MFA for advanced security measures
  • Compliance considerations and audit logging
  • API Access Management with Okta
  • Customizing Okta workflows and branding
  • Automating IAM tasks with Okta APIs and integrations
  • Advanced troubleshooting and support resources
  • Administering Okta tenants and environments
  • Monitoring and reporting with Okta
  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Real-world case studies of Okta implementations
  • Best practices for deploying and managing Okta IAM solutions
  • Tips for optimizing Okta for different organizational needs


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