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Anaplan Module Builder Training

Tek Ikons Anaplan module builder course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Anaplan, a cloud-based planning and performance management platform. The course focuses specifically on module building within Anaplan, which is essential for creating data models and designing workflows to support various business processes.

The Anaplan module builder course provides comprehensive training on the key concepts and functionalities of Anaplan, with a specific focus on module building. Participants will learn how to create modules, define dimensions, set up calculations, and design dashboards and reports using Anaplan’s intuitive interface.

The course begins with an introduction to Anaplan and its role in enterprise planning and decision-making. Participants will learn about the architecture of Anaplan models and understand the importance of modules as the building blocks of the platform.


They will explore the various types of modules, including list-based and time-based modules, and learn how to configure dimensions and properties to tailor modules to specific business requirements.

As the course progresses, participants will dive into advanced topics such as data imports, exports, and integrations with other systems. They will learn how to build complex calculations and formulas within modules to perform forecasting, budgeting, and scenario analysis. Additionally, participants will gain hands-on experience in designing interactive dashboards and reports to visualize and analyze data within Anaplan.

Objectives Of

Anaplan Module Builder

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Anaplan’s capabilities and the role of module building in the platform.
  • Learn how to create and configure modules to represent various data entities and business processes.
  • Develop proficiency in building calculations and formulas to perform advanced data analysis and modeling.
  • Understand best practices for designing intuitive dashboards and reports to facilitate decision-making.
  • Acquire practical skills through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies.
Who can learn

Anaplan Module Builder Course

The Anaplan module builder course offered by Tek Ikons is suitable for a wide range of participants, including:

  • Business analysts and planners responsible for designing and managing planning models and workflows within Anaplan.
  • Finance professionals involved in budgeting, forecasting, and performance management processes who want to leverage Anaplan for enhanced planning capabilities.
  • IT professionals tasked with implementing and maintaining Anaplan solutions within their organizations.
  • Consultants and solution architects seeking to expand their expertise in Anaplan module building to better serve their clients’ planning needs.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to leverage Anaplan’s powerful platform for enterprise planning and decision support.
Course Curriculum Of


  • Overview of Anaplan and its role in enterprise planning
  • Understanding Anaplan’s cloud-based platform
  • Exploring Anaplan’s interface and navigation
  • Building blocks of Anaplan: Models, Modules, Lists, and Dashboards
  • Introduction to multi-dimensional data modeling
  • Hands-on exercises: Creating a basic model, module, and list
  • Understanding module structure and dimensions
  • Importing data into modules from various sources
  • Implementing formulas and calculations within modules
  • Advanced module building techniques: Time settings, selective access, and summary methods
  • Creating and managing lists
  • Implementing list hierarchies for organizational structure
  • Using list properties and subsets for data organization and analysis
  • Integrating data from external systems using Anaplan Connect or APIs
  • Collaborative planning features: Sharing and permissions
  • Version control and audit trails for data governance
  • Dynamic cell references and line item subsets
  • Advanced formula writing: Lookup functions, summary functions, and conditional logic
  • Anaplan functions and best practices for optimization
  • Designing and building dashboards in Anaplan
  • Creating interactive reports and visualizations
  • Incorporating charts, graphs, and tables into dashboards
  • Best practices for optimizing model performance
  • Troubleshooting common issues and errors
  • Performance monitoring and tuning techniques
  • Administering user access and security settings
  • Managing model settings and configurations
  • Anaplan maintenance tasks and system administration
  • Overview of Anaplan certification tracks and exams
  • Tips and strategies for exam preparation
  • Practice exercises and mock exams


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